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Evergreene Studio has a nomadic exhibition program. Please see individual exhibitions for location and directions.

For Evergreene (Geneva) and Greene Gallery exhibitions, please visit our Archive page.

Evergreene Studio

Los Angeles


Liz Craft (US)
Mathis Gasser (CH)
Fabian Marti (CH)
Jim Shaw (US)
Jeffrey Vallance (US)
A Stranger in My Grave
Co-curated by Evergreene Studio and VĂ©ronique Bacchetta
August 12August 31
Four Six One Nine, Los Angeles
Andreas Dobler (CH)
Anna Kanai (CH)
Add A + A to XIX
A live painting venture by Andreas Dobler and Anna Kanai
July 30
XIX Studios, Los Angeles


Larry Bell (US)
Olivier Mosset (CH)
Blair Thurman (US)
That was Ken, This is Now July 13August 30
Art Space Malibu, Malibu